6 Ideas to Celebrate Baby's First Christmas

6 Ideas to Celebrate Baby's First Christmas

A baby's First Christmas is a precious milestone for every family and extended relatives.  Below are some ideas to make it extra special this year.   Apply these ideas to take away some of stress of Christmas and allow you to soak it up as much as possible and enjoy.

1.  Do a cull before Christmas

Chances are that your baby will be spoilt at Christmas and be given more gifts than you expect.  Remember how many presents they got when they were born! Make sure you do a cleanse before Christmas and pack away clothes and toys that baby no longer needs.  If you are extra low on storage and don't think you will use again donate them to a local charity.  

2.  Collate a wish list

Another question that grandparents and friends will ask when shopping for gifts is 'what does baby need'? Instead of not saying anything it can be helpful to actually have a list of things you would love and if appropriate mention them when asked.  People would always prefer to give something that is going to be used and is practical.  A fabulous practical gift is our Baby Feeding Essentials or My First Christmas Gift Box

3.  Don't overbook this Christmas

Baby's first Christmas is an exciting time, but you if can try and keep to your routines for eating, sleeping, and playing. Remind relatives that your baby is still really little and needs a lot of sleep.  Relatives will be excited to see you and your baby so managing expectations is always helpful.  If out for the day, a port-a-cot set up at a friend or family's house is a great way to keep to baby's routines.  Make sure your baby is familiar with the cot before you use it in an unfamiliar environment as it will help them go to sleep more easily. 

4.  Start a Family Tradition

Nothing feels more festive than Christmas traditions.  Start a family tradition with baby that you can continue as they get older.   Here are some ideas:

  • Decorating the Christmas Tree
  • Photographs with Santa Clause
  • Wrapping Christmas presents and listening to Christmas carols
  • Donating old Toys to charity
  • Christmas Gingerbread Baking or other festive treats

5.  Read Christmas Books

Christmas is a magical time of year and even more magical with young children.  Reading Christmas stories to your baby can be a beautiful way to engage them in the spirit of Christmas and will make you all warm and fuzzy.  

6.  Pick out a Christmas Day Outfit

Is there anything cuter than a little baby dressed in a festive outfit? It may seem lavish buying an outfit just for Christmas Day, but you will cherish the photos for years to come and love your little one in a special Christmas outfit. Don't forget to take lots of photos and get a family photo!





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