Collection: TABLEWARE

Welcome to The Gaea Collection, where mealtime magic meets safety and sustainability. We're thrilled to present a range of non-toxic silicone tableware that transforms ordinary mealtimes into delightful adventures for your little ones.

The Gaea Collection is meticulously crafted to combine innovation, durability, and style, ensuring every meal is a joyous occasion. Our silicone bowls and plates come in an array of earthy designs, captivating your child's imagination while providing a safe and reliable dining experience.

Placemats for kids take the mess out of mealtimes, offering a slip-resistant surface that keeps tableware in place and spills at bay. Crafted from eco-friendly silicone, these placemats are not only functional but also contribute to a greener planet.

Our silicone tableware sets redefine convenience, offering bowls, plates, and placemats that are microwave-safe and dishwasher-friendly. The durability of these products ensures they withstand the enthusiastic embrace of little hands and the occasional drop.

At BIBO , we are dedicated to both your child's well-being and the environment. The Gaea Collection's silicone tableware is free from harmful toxins, making it the ideal choice for growing bodies. Plus, the eco-friendly nature of silicone aligns with our commitment to reducing single-use plastics.

Enjoy mealtimes more with our silicone plate sets and tableware sets, designed to spark joy and encourage healthy eating habits. Explore The Gaea Collection and create memorable dining experiences that nurture your child's growth and imagination.