Welcome to BIBO – where family, purpose, and the zest to elevate the simple moments of life blend seamlessly into our essence. It all began with Jessica (Founder), a mum with a big heart and even bigger dreams, who envisioned transforming mealtimes from mere routines into stylish, memorable experiences for you and your loved ones.

From our early days down under as a cherished startup specialising in baby and children’s tableware, to our evolution into a beloved brand for families, BIBO has always been about more than just our top-notch silicone bibs, bowls, and tableware. Today, we’re thrilled to also bring you essentials like drink bottles and lunchboxes, designed to make every meal an effortlessly enjoyable affair.

Our brand ethos is a celebration of life’s little joys and yes, its messes too, especially when it comes to dining with the kiddos. Our chic, yet practical designs are meant to sprinkle a bit of the vibrant hues of childhood into your day-to-day, making your home sparkle with an extra dose of cheer.

But our journey doesn’t stop at creating products that delight and serve. At the heart of BIBO, is a commitment to giving back. Our partnership with Eat Up ensures that your choice to shop with us extends a helping hand to Australian families in need, bringing us all closer together, one meal at a time.

As we continue to grow and dream big, expanding our product lines and honing our designs, we remain ever grateful for your feedback and support. It’s what shapes our path forward. With BIBO, we’re not just looking towards a future of happier, easier mealtimes – we’re building it together, for families all over Australia.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Here’s to many more shared meals, laughs, and milestones along the way.